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Header Merge

  • Added to private chat.


  • I have made some changes on your site just now. Could you review it and check if that is the header behavior that you expected?

  • That’s the behaviour that I was able to produce but no, that’s not what I’m trying to achieve.

    The solid colour for the sticky header is correct.

    However, if you look at the last screenshot I’ve added in private chat you can see that with those options enabled, I now have a background colour behind the menu items (primary nav). I want this to be transparent but the sticky header still to have the solid colour.

  • Edit the Header Merge element and ensure the Navigation Colors option is checked. Keep the navigation background color transparent.

  • Ahhh, perfect! That works, thanks very much. I knew there must be a way.

    As a slight side issue, is there custom CSS for increasing the height of the sticky header?

    Thanks for your help on this one.

  • There’s no need for custom CSS in that case. You can adjust the menu height in Customizer > Layout > Sticky Navigation by changing the Menu Item Height setting. 🙂

  • Was this ever solved? I have this trouble all the time.

  • Hi hollytga,

    Please open a new topic and attach your site link.

    And if your question is related to GP premium features, please add your GP support key to your profile along with the existing GB support key.


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