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Headline icon is not centered on mobile

  • Hello,

    I have centered H2 headlines with an icon. On desktop the icon and the headline is centered. However, on mobile devices, only the headline is centered and the icon is left-aligned.

    What could be the reason for this?

    Greetings, Johannes

  • Hi Johannes,

    Do you want the icon to appear on top of the text?

    If so, you can set the headline block to flex-direction:column, and align-items:center for mobile.

  • Hello Ying,

    no. I want the icon to hang just to the left of the heading. Right now it’s on the far left of the margin.

    I have another web page. Here it works. But I can’t figure out why it doesn’t work on the other website.

    I share the links and screenshots, at the Private Information.

    Greetings Johannes

  • Hello Ying, do you have a solution for me?

  • Sorry for the late reply, it seems your last reply slipped through our support system.

    I just checked both sites, it looks like they both work well, have you already figured it out?

    Let me know!

  • Hello Ying,

    that’s very strange. What kind of browser did you test it with?

    For me it doesn’t work on smartphone in Firefox and Chrome browser. Also not in Edge browser on desktop.

    I have not changed anything so far.

  • It was using Chrome. Have you tried clearing your devices’ browser cache?

    Did you just remove your site links? If you can add them back, I can also test them with my phone.

  • Yes, I cleared the browser cache everywhere before testing. I’ll paste the links again.

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