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How to change blog post page URL

  • Hello this is my current URL for blog posts

    I want to change this into

    I can’t change the blog post URL via Settings, by clicking on the actual blog page to edit as this error comes up saying “The content of your latest posts page is automatically generated and cannot be edited.”

    I’m using the coach site template from the site library

    I couldn’t change this using better search replace (the plugin either)

    please help

  • Hi there,

    do you have another page called blog?

    If so, remove that page first.

    Then go to pages, quick edit the blog page’s slug to blog, instead of blog-2.

  • I used to have another page called blog, but I trashed it so I don’t have it anymore.

    how can I access ur screencast screenshot?

    I can’t edit it in WordPress when I go into Pages > All Pages

  • Hi there,

    Inside Dashboard > Pages, hover over the post and click Quick Edit to change the slug.

  • Maybe it’s because of the site I chose in the site library (Coach) but when I go into

    Wordpress Admin > Pages > and I hover over Blogs, there’s an i (information) symbol that pops up and it says “The content of your latest posts page is automatically generated and cannot be edited.”

    I don’t know how else I can edit this, I can’t find the option to edit the slug like I can do with every other page.

    Please help!!

  • If possible, could you provide temporary login credentials for your site so we can take a closer look at what’s going on? You can put the details inside Private Information section.

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