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How to create a sortable index with load more button?

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to create a sortable index (abphbetical order) for a custom post type with an expandable “load more” button under each section using generatepress and generateblocks?

    Or would I need a separate plugin?

    I have attached an example of a ideal page with the functions I would like to have.

    I figure I’ll have to create a custom post type with the taxanomies for the sorting using acf, and display each taxanomy under a letter using generate blocks. I can then have jump links to move to each letter. But couldn’t figure out the load more button or to diplay the posts in alphabethical order.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for the assistance.


  • Hi Julien,

    It’s not possible with the query loop block of GB at this moment.

    1. Load more (infinite scroll) only works on index page like blog, and archives, it does not work with query loop.

    2. To add a filter or sorting function, it requires a 3rd party plugin.

    3. To enable infinite scroll for CPT archives, you will need to use a PHP filter like this:

  • Ok, thank you.

    I’ll create a temporary page for now, then research which plugin will work best for the final version of the guide.

    Best regards.


  • You are welcome   🙂

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