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mobile image layout



    There is a gap between the image and the text, even though the margin is 0.

    And part 2 also has a strange design.

    Is it because I use the php code below to give a padding value of 20 at the bottom of the image? If so, can it not be applied on mobile?

    add_filter( 'generateblocks_defaults', function( $defaults ) {
        $color_settings = wp_parse_args(
            get_option( 'generate_settings', array() ),
        $defaults['image']['marginBottom'] = '20';
        return $defaults;
    } );
  • Hi there,

    You can try updating the PHP snippet to this:

    add_filter('generateblocks_defaults', function ( $defaults ) {
    	if ( ! wp_is_mobile() ) {
    		$defaults['image']['marginBottom'] = '20';
    	return $defaults;

    The updated code should only be running on desktop.

  • Thank you so much!

  • You’re welcome.

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