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Navigation hover effect of the website


    I used the Navigation hover effect of the website, but when I click on a certain menu, the underline will always appear. When the mouse moves to other menus, other menus will also be underlined, unless the second menu is clicked. The underline of one menu will only be small, but the second menu will always exist. Even if I delete all the css codes, except for the Navigation hover effect, it is the same. I think there is something wrong with my website. Can you help me solve

    The effect I want to achieve is that the underline appears when the mouse is on the menu, and the underline does not appear after the mouse leaves

  • Hello there,

    For reference, can you share the link to the site in question?

  • the website URL in Private information

  • Replace this code you have in Additional CSS:

    .main-navigation .menu > .menu-item.current-menu-item > a::after, .main-navigation .menu > .menu-item > a:hover::after {
                    width: 80%;

    With this:

    .main-navigation .menu > .menu-item > a:hover::after {
                    width: 80%;
  • thank u !The code works fine

  • You’re welcome!

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