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Page Title alignment toggle

  • Howdy, often I am needing to change the alignment of a page or post title to center, but not always.

    I often need to do this in CSS, especially if it’s not a global change but for certain posts.

    Any thoughts on (1) offering a toggle like you have for headline blocks so the user can align the title themselves or (2) a way to add a toggle or option to the page settings in the GeneratePress section to offer an alignment option for each page?


  • Hi there,

    This isn’t something we would add as an option as it’s very uncommon to do this “sometimes”.

    I believe CSS is the best method here. Can you link me to the page in question so I can confirm?

  • It’s really any page title on a page. The problem with CSS (I understand how to do it) is the end users who don’t know CSS can’t make that call when they are creating a new page or editing content. So choosing an alignment on the page title would be a nice option to offer in the Page settings in the block editor. Shared a URL as an example.

  • This isn’t an option we would consider adding as it’s not useful for the majority of our users -we are very careful when adding options to keep our products optimized for performance.

    If CSS doesn’t work the one other solution I can think of is to create a Block Element page hero that displays the centered page title only using the dynamic option:

    Then you can use the Display rules to control where you want this centered title to apply.

  • Thanks Leo. I currently use that method you describe, but having content editors going into Elements to do this has not been great UX. I understand it’s not a priority, I was looking for a way to potentially hook into what’s already happening here with my own toggle (like set a body class if checked)

  • I was looking for a way to potentially hook into what’s already happening here with my own toggle (like set a body class if checked)

    Unfortunately that’s not possible.

    Another option I can think of is whenever you want to center the content title, simply disable the default one using the Disable Elements module shown in your screenshot, then manually add the <h1> title in the content using GB’s Headline block.

    That’s all the options I can think of.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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