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Tab items

  • For the tab item content below the heading Indices, I had set them to appear horizontally and scroll.

    I want to change them in a vertical appearance and scroll vertically.

    Everytime I try to achieve that I mess things up. I would appreciate some guidance in how to get the QL content appear in a vertical fashion.

  • Hi there

    if you want the Query Loop to stack like it does by default:

    1. Edit the Query Loop and select the Grid Block inside and remove the horiz-scroll class from the Advanced > Additional CSS Classes.

    2. inside the grid select the Post Template block and set its Width to 100%

  • EDIT:

    Thank you that worked!

    One issue is that on hover the box selected is much larger than previously, could the hover effect only affect the content and not include the white space on the right?

    Also, on mobile the content is not stacked vertically but insteaed there are 2 columns presented

  • 1. select the Container Block with the Shadow – set its Sizing > Width to : max-content
    2. the grid column width you set to 100% above, check that width in the Mobile preview.

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