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Updating GP Premium Plugin: “Update failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”

  • Updating the GP Premium plugin on a live website that has been using GP Premium for several years appeared to crash all of the web pages except for the Home page. All other pages exhibited 404 Errors upon navigating to them.

    The website was restored to a backup copy.

    Created a Softaculous Staging cloned copy in order to troubleshoot potential plugin/theme/WP version conflicts. On the cloned copy, upon attempting to update the GP Premium plugin, it returned the following message: “Update failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”.

    Checking for the GP Key in Appearance/GeneratePress, I can see the correct first four digits of the License Key and above that window is the message, “Receiving premium updates.”

    Will the GP Premium plugin not update because this is a cloned copy?

  • Hi there,

    You will need to authorize the URL of the staging site:

    After authorizing the URL and you still see the ‘Update Failed’ message, you may need to wait a few moments until the WordPress update cache refreshes.

  • Hi Alvind,

    I authorized the URL of the staging site and I am now able to update the GP Premium plugin.

    Thanks so much for the speedy assistance!

  • No problem, happy to assist!

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