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WooCoommerce Product gallery images – wrapping early

  • Good Day – I’m using GP as a Woocommerce system but in Catalog mode. Working well so far w/o using plugin.. Hooking in conditional content via elements with tags too.

    Anyhoo, I find that the product gallery thumbnails only match-up with the size of the feature image when it’s 30% or less. I’m at 40%. Ideally the gallery would not wrap until the 5th image or at least the 4 thumbs scale up to to fit the width of the container. Any ideas?

    Here’s my staging site in question:

    Muchos Gracias,

  • Hi Brad,

    You can fix that with a simple CSS:

    .flex-control-nav {
       display: inline-flex;
  • Wicked.. that works great! Thank you ALvind.

  • You’re welcome!

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