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Block Label missing in advanced settings on containers

  • PLEASE remove the screenshot.

  • Block name and block label are the same thing.

  • Well that is not my experience. There have always been two different ones, Block Name and Block Label. I have all of my block labels in the block label box. If I accidentally put it in Block Name it didn’t show up in the left outline panel. I always have had to put it in the Block Label box. Which is where they all live.
    It is suddenly totally inconsistent that sometimes, some containers – Block Label is there and sometimes not. That is very new behaviour. I have dozens of sites and Block Name and Block Label have always been there, with Block Label being the one that would show up on the left side.

    And disabling all plugins other than GP Blocks, GP Blocks Pro and GP Premium does not solve the problem.

    I can show you screenshots from all of my sites where both Block Name and Block Label are present, with all of my data being in the Block Labels not Name. So, I am very confused why you are saying they are the same thing. I will say that in this new installation, where only Block Name is available, putting it there does show up on the left side but that is very new, and, if Block Label were to go away on all my other sites, I would lose literally 1000 blocks worth of labeling.

  • Hello there,

    To clarify, the Block Name and Block Label are essentially the same thing. The only difference is that Block Name was a WP core feature, whereas Block Label is a GB’s feature. We decided to add the Block Label feature back when the WP Core didn’t have this feature, which was an inherent issue for so long. Now that this feature has been added to the core, we decided to deprecate Block Label in GB 1.9.0 as it became redundant.

    If you previously added a label using Block Label, the label will remain intact and the Block Label field will still show up. Newly added blocks from now on will have to use the Block Name, and existing blocks that you plan to put a label on will also have to use the Block Name field.

    It is suddenly totally inconsistent that sometimes, some containers – Block Label is there and sometimes not.

    Now I can confirm that I experience somewhat the same behavior when using WP 6.4, but on my sites running WP 6.5, this issue is not happening.

    Hope that explanation helps 🙂

  • Ahhhh I see. That is what I needed to know. Thank you.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply to my same issue — I’m running WP 6.4.2 and I don’t see a Block Name field either? It’s not under the Advanced block settings, and it’s not in the three dot menu.

    Never mind — I just updated to 6.5 and now it’s there.

  • @jww – No problem!

    – Glad you managed to resolve your issue as well!

  • I am also running into this problem. It seems to have started after updating the GenerateBlocks plugin. I then updated GenerateBlocks Pro to see if that would fix it, but it is still happening.

  • Hi @chaoscontrol, would appreciate it if you could open a new topic for your issue. We aim to keep topics as concise as possible. Thank you!

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