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How to Manually Select Posts to Display on the Newsroom Site Homepage

  • Hello,

    I’m having trouble setting up the homepage of the Newsroom site correctly, and even after searching the forum, I’m not clear on how it works: is there a guide on how to customize the Newsroom homepage?

    I would like to manually define which articles appear on the homepage: how do I do that?

    I understand that I need to manage them both from the home page and the “Home post grid” element, and I think I need to disable “Enable Dynamic Data”… but then I’m not sure if there is a way to select each post to appear one by one, and when I try to manually insert everything, the same text appears in all the posts of a block.

    What should I do to manually choose the articles for the homepage?

    Thank you for your help

  • Hi there,

    and I think I need to disable “Enable Dynamic Data”… but then I’m not sure if there is a way to select each post to appear one by one,

    No, you can not disable dynamic data, they are dynamically pulling the featured image/title/other post metas for each post.

    However, you can select the query loop block and add the Include posts parameter to manually select posts, but remember to remove other parameters to avoid conflicts.

  • If I select the container on the homepage, then select the Query Loop, and in Query Parameters deselect “Inherit query from template”, when I click on the dropdown menu of “Select query parameter” I find various options. If I understand correctly, these options are all filters that select a series of articles from all those published.

    How can I choose 3 specific articles of my choice to publish in a container?

  • Solved! You just need to select “include posts” (that’s what you said at the beginning, but I didn’t get it).
    Once you understand how it works, it’s easy.

  • Awesome, glad to hear that!

  • Another question about Newsroom homepage customization: where can I change the “Read More” button text?

  • Still on Newsroom homepage customization: how do I remove the publication date and category from the “Home post grid” at the top of the page?

  • Hi there,

    1. edit the read more button text
    Edit the home page, select the button and edit the text inside.

    2. in Appearance > Elements, edit the Home post grid and select any block you do not want and delete it.

    For easier navigation when editing open the list view:

    You will notice the home page and the element are using Query Loop blocks. So editing one block inside one post in a query loop updates all the posts in that loop

  • Thank you! I have resolved these issues.

    To finalize the customization of the Newsroom homepage:

    – When I set the parameters in the Home post grid in the WordPress admin, I see the images resized correctly, whereas on the online website the preview images are cropped strangely. See attached images.
    How can I make the preview images display correctly?

    – On the Newsroom homepage, is it possible to make the preview image area clickable as well, even when the title is within the image? As is the case, for example, in the upper area of the Home post grid.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • I think I have found the answer to the question about how to make the images clickable:

    So, I need to have GenerateBlocks PRO, right?
    And this is a separate purchase from the GeneratePress themes, correct?

  • That query loop uses a dynamic background image.
    To make those clickable it requires GenerateBlocks Pro ( which is a separate purchase ).

    The size of those images, will vary depending on the screens size.
    You have to consider the original image has a set Aspect Ratio. and that grid has a different aspect ratio. So the image has to be resized to fill the grid items. It is consequence of that design.

  • Regarding the images that are resized and cropped in the Newsroom Home post grid: okay about the Aspect Ratio, but is it possible at least to center them better (both vertically and horizontally) and ensure that at least one of the sides of the image (either height or width) is fully displayed?
    If it’s possible to do this, what (and where) do I need to set?

  • Sure, you can edit the Query Loop block, and select the Post Template block inside it.
    Then go to the block settings Background where you can set the Size.
    See here:

    The Size will be currently set to the default Cover value.
    Change it to auto 100% what this does is tell the browser to set the Height to 100% and leave the width to auto resize itself.

    More info on the background-size property can be read here:

  • Hello David,
    thank you for your response.

    Following your instructions, I set “auto 100%” in all three Post templates in the Home post grid Query Loop, but on the live site the images still appear exactly as before (off-center, only showing the top left corner).
    I cleared the cache, and the browser cache as well, but the images are the same as before.

    When trying to adjust other parameters, I noticed that the images change significantly if I modify the Image Size from medium_large to other values, but I still never achieve a good result where at least one dimension (height or width) is displayed fully at 100%.

    I have the same issue with incorrect display of preview images in the right sidebar where the element (default in Newsroom) with recommended articles is displayed.

    Any further advice on how to resolve this issue?

  • You have a lazy loading plugin that is altering how those images are being displayed.
    So those changes you made are not getting applied.

    One option, edit the Post Template in the Query Loop, and in the Background settings set the SELECTOR to Element
    This should make sure those changes get applied even after the lazy loader has messed with it.

  • Problem solved!

    THANK YOU David!

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